The PlantSmart Plant Sensor shows exactly what vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs or houseplants will grow anywhere, inside or outside. For over 6,000 plants, PlantSmart has step-by-step plant care, pruning, fertilization and gardening tips.


Place PlantSmart in any growing area to collect data on sunlight, temperature, soil conditions and more. The reusable sensor works both indoors with potted plants and outside in your lawn or garden.


Plug your sensor into a Web-connected PC or Mac. Our site automatically downloads and analyzes sensor data on your growing conditions, generating custom gardening reports based on your geographical location, climate and local weather.


Pick an ideal plant for your conditions from our database of over 6,000 species, or access care instructions for your existing plants. PlantSmart provides expert advice to guide you every step of the way.

Why our customers love PlantSmart
  • It’s so incredibly easy to use! Just set up your sensor and place it anywhere you want plant care advice. PlantSmart’s gardening technology evaluates your growing conditions and provides customized recommendations that work for you.
  • The PlantSmart sensor accurately measures all of the key climate and soil conditions, ensuring that you make the right plant choices.
  • The online plant library includes more than 6,000 types of plants. Whether you are looking for perennials, vegetables, shrubs or houseplants, the PlantSmart library will find the right plant.
  • Ever wonder why one plant thrives in one part of your yard, but not another? PlantSmart analyzes the situation from your plant’s perspective and shows you how to help your plants succeed.
  • It gives you the confidence to try new plants without guessing if they will work.
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